Who We Are

At C2FO, our mission is to deliver a future where every company around the world has the capital needed to grow. As the largest online platform for working capital, we serve over one million businesses worldwide representing more than $10.5 trillion in annual sales. Our solutions help companies, their suppliers and their customers gain greater control over their cash flow — on demand when they need it.

How We Began, Where We’re Headed

C2FO stands for “Collaborative Cash Flow Optimization.” But that only explains part of our role as the world’s largest online platform for working capital.

In 2008, we began building an on-demand working capital platform that matched the accounts receivable and accounts payable for hundreds of thousands of companies. This digital solution enabled suppliers to receive early payment on their invoices, at discounts that they determined. Their customers used the invoice discounts to safely increase margins and profits, while ensuring the health of their supply chains.

Since our first transaction in March 2010, C2FO has generated more than $210 billion in working capital funding and accelerated payment by more than one billion days in 42 different currencies. Headquartered in Kansas City, C2FO today has expanded to operation centers in Europe, China, India and Australia.

At the same time, we have evolved to provide more working capital solutions to companies, their suppliers and their customers. Our supplier customers today can use C2FO to access the capital they need to grow their business through a suite of working capital solutions. Enterprise customers can use their own balance sheets or third-party funding from C2FO’s network of lending partners to adjust the timelines on AP or AR, providing more flexibility and control over working capital for everyone in their ecosystem.
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More than
invoices accelerated each month
Up to
approved invoices uploaded each day

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A Global Vision for Working Capital

Like many good ideas, C2FO was born out of the need for something better.

The “why” of C2FO is that businesses worldwide need capital to grow and they don’t have access to it at the right price, in the right way or at the right time.

Founder and CEO Sandy Kemper explains C2FO’s mission to provide all businesses with the capital needed to grow.

The World’s Largest Platform for Working Capital

C2FO was built to solve big problems, which includes providing an alternative to help free up cash in a flawed financial system.

Sandy Kemper speaks about C2FO’s values, company culture, and commitment to solve problems instead of capitalizing on them.

Take Control with C2FO®

Put simply, C2FO puts the management of working capital where it belongs: in your hands. Whether you need to accelerate or extend AP and AR, or are seeking an innovative way to optimize your cash, our secure online platform enables you to make quick cash flow decisions for your company, your suppliers and your customers.

We’re a technology-powered solution for companies that want to control their destinies — right now. That’s why our network of over one million companies trust C2FO’s integrity and transparency, enabling working capital to work for everyone. In the last year alone, our platform has processed over 12 billion invoices in more than 180 countries. 

Sustainability, Diversity and Fairness

At C2FO, we are committed to building a better financial system through inclusion, sustainability and transparency.

We work every day to ensure that all companies have access to the capital they need to grow. That includes efforts to even the financial playing field for all companies, having a team that reflects the global diversity of the companies we serve, and supporting our clients’ Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives worldwide.