One Platform, Many Working Capital Solutions.

Financial tools on the C2FO platform provide better, faster, and more flexible working capital solutions, enabling enterprises of all sizes to dynamically manage the working capital needs of their suppliers and customers.


Modernizing the Approach to Supply Chain Financing

Support your supply chain, improve EBITDA and advance your ESG agenda with an innovative working capital platform. Download our new white paper to learn more.
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With C2FO we provide our suppliers a platform to accelerate invoices: they reduce their cost of finance and we improve our margin and cash yield. We have also developed an innovative offer for selected customers: the opportunity for dynamic invoice extension.

— Jan-Martin Nufer,  Vice President of Treasury and Funding, Borealis AG

Delivering Capital on a Global Scale


Seamless, reliable collaboration with your customers, suppliers and funding partners


Network of over one million businesses achieving working capital goals together


Capital can be dynamically funded from your balance sheet or our global funding partners


Leading technology combined with outstanding customer collaboration produces optimal results

Businesses collaborate with C2FO to settle invoices early or later,
optimizing working capital on-demand.


The Most Flexible Way to Meet Your Organization’s Financial Goals

C2FO’s unified, secure platform provides many tools to help you manage your company’s dynamic working capital needs. Whether you want to drive cash flow or net profit, you can take control of your financial and sustainability goals while strengthening your suppliers and customers. Because plans and needs change throughout the year, C2FO offers the flexibility to use your own balance sheet, a global funding network, or both — without impacting your trading partners.

Dynamic Supplier Finance 
The C2FO secure online platform is the only solution that allows you to launch differentiated early payment options for suppliers, blending patented Name Your Rate technology with traditional fixed rate offers to accelerate or lengthen invoice payments when your suppliers choose. You can leverage your balance sheet or utilize our global funding network to pay your suppliers without complex paperwork and onboarding.
Dynamic Customer Finance Invoice Central
We implemented within 10 weeks, achieving an ROI within the first 30 days, and have rolled the program out to 133 different countries, in multiple currencies within the first few weeks.

— Alexander Visser, CFO Global Procurement, Philips

Financial Health for Everyone

Empower Your Suppliers’ Financial Health

Sustaining a strong supply chain means that everyone’s business needs are being met. Early payment is the fastest, most effective way for your suppliers to generate the critical liquidity they need to grow their business.

For those suppliers that are in strong cash positions, the flexibility of the C2FO platform also allows you to delay payment, when needed, in exchange for a premium.

Dynamic Supplier Finance (DSF) through C2FO’s unique platform gives you the flexibility to choose pricing that meets your needs. Our patented Name Your Rate technology, fixed rates, and blended pricing models put you in control of working capital while strengthening your suppliers.

Empower Your Customers’ Financial Health

C2FO’s innovative approach to receivables empowers your customers with the flexibility to accelerate or lengthen payments.

When your customers need to preserve cash flow or meet certain operating metrics to quickly adapt to financial priorities, C2FO’s innovative solutions enable them to extend payments at a premium or shorten payment at a discount without altering existing terms.

Leveraging Dynamic Customer Finance (DCF) can provide a stronger yield on your company’s cash from the premiums charged and enables your sales team to offer flexible terms. This solution can be leveraged using your balance sheet, or you can engage the C2FO funding network to generate liquidity and increase revenue.

Technology, Service, Experience

Here are some of the key benefits C2FO offers you, your suppliers and your customers:

Global Funding Network

  • In-house capital markets team with over 85 years’ financial experience
  • Diversified bank funding sources
  • Compatibility with existing banking relationships
  • Non-bank funding encompassing asset management and insurance institutions

Dynamic Pricing

  • Patented Name Your Rate technology
  • Specific programs to help support supplier groups like SMBs, minority-, women-, veteran-owned businesses and more
  • Sustainability groups and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives

Significant Supplier Participation

  • No UCC lien checks or filings
  • Can onboard large numbers of suppliers, regardless of size or location
  • Zero minimums or maximums to participate
  • One login, one platform for all customers
  • High-touch supplier management resources in local language and time zone