Flexible funding solutions to enhance your supplier relationships and strengthen your supply chain.

With C2FO, you can provide your suppliers a wide range of financial solutions to dynamically meet their cash flow needs, while also providing a return on cash for your company.

A network trusted by over one million businesses, including the world's largest enterprises.

The Advantages of C2FO

The C2FO platform allows your suppliers to request early payment from your company with no third-party interference, at rates that work for everyone.

C2FO By the Numbers

We are the world’s largest platform for working capital.
Connecting AP and AR of over one million customers worldwide.
More than half of Fortune 100 companies use C2FO.
Customers represent over $10.5 trillion in annual sales.
Granite Gold Inc.
Having C2FO provide our working capital is what helped us grow. It helped us succeed.

— Lenny Sciarrino Co-founder of Granite Gold Inc.

Want to learn how the world’s largest retailer is putting advocacy into action with help from C2FO?


How The Program Works for Your Suppliers

Review Invoices

Your suppliers' invoices are already uploaded on C2FO.

Make Selections

The supplier chooses which invoices to accelerate payment on.

Set a Discount

The supplier offers a discount for early payment.

Receive Payment

If you accept the discount, your supplier is paid early.

I wanted a much more direct relationship with my suppliers and to deliver a solution for them that was not only beneficial for them, but beneficial for us with a level of flexibility that is different than you would get in a typical supply chain finance program.

— John Upperman  VP of Procurement, Thermo Fisher

Our Story. Your Solution for Suppliers.

Like many good ideas, C2FO was born out of a need.

In 2002, our CEO, Sandy Kemper made the kind of phone call no supplier wants to make. He called a key customer to ask for early payment on a $1 million invoice. Thanks to his strong relationship with his customer, they agreed to pay early in exchange for a 1% discount. The receivable was paid 30 days early.

The phone call reminded Sandy that no efficient vehicle existed for suppliers and their customers to find the right price for early payment. He founded C2FO in 2008 to help suppliers quickly receive early payment on invoices of their choosing, at discounts that they determine — without having to make a painful phone call.

Financing With Flexible Terms.

C2FO is partnering with your company to provide an online platform where suppliers of all sizes can quickly receive early payment on invoices that they select, at discounts that work for them and your business. 

It’s really that easy. The only “fee” for your suppliers is the discount they offer to receive early payment. The control and flexibility of C2FO’s on-demand early payment platform make it unique from other forms of financing. The supplier decides which invoices to receive early payment on, and which discounts to offer. 

This is how early payment through C2FO compares with more static forms of financing like supply chain finance and invoice factoring.

procurement chart

To learn more about C2FO’s financial solutions for you and your suppliers, get in touch with our team.