No business should be held back by a flawed financial system.

At C2FO, we’re doing our part to put working capital where it belongs — in your hands.

Our convenient, easy-to-use online platform enables you to work with your suppliers and customers to determine the best time and terms for paying or being paid. Unlike other forms of financing, C2FO’s flexible working capital solutions provide on-demand access to low-cost funding for businesses of all sizes. 

It’s the simplest way to do a hard thing — managing working capital so that everyone benefits. We’ll work together with you to bring fairness, transparency and, above all, opportunity to all of your business relationships. 

We founded C2FO with the understanding that the existing financial system was fundamentally flawed and that there should be a quicker, easier way for companies to access working capital tied up in accounts receivable. Today, our platform connects the AP and AR of over 1.1 million companies worldwide, representing more than $10.5 trillion in sales. And we’re just getting started. 

With C2FO, you can be confident you have the cash you need to fund your operations and fuel your growth, no matter the size of your business. You can be sure that the supplier and customer relationships you count on will remain strong, and you can dynamically time your payables and receivables to achieve your business goals. It’s why thousands of the world’s largest and best-known companies, as well as hundreds of thousands of smaller, growing firms, trust C2FO. 

Put simply, C2FO is working capital, working for everyone.

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What is C2FO?

C2FO stands for “Collaborative Cash Flow Optimization.” But that only explains part of our role as the world’s largest online platform for working capital.
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Shapewear Company Receives Extra Support From C2FO

Just like the slimming shapewear InstantFigure designs for men and women, C2FO’s early payment platform brings confidence and control to the apparel company’s daily operations.
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