Boosting Innovation, Agility and Connectivity in Procurement

August 12, 2020
The C2FO Team

In our latest white paper with Procurement Leaders, we discuss how today’s procurement teams are crucial in bringing company stakeholders together to meet unprecedented challenges.

In the face of rapid change and economic uncertainties, chief procurement officers are stepping up to develop multifaceted strategies while improving collaboration and communication with key internal stakeholders like treasury. 

In this special white paper report published with Procurement Leaders, Jordan Novak, C2FO’s SVP of market innovation, and other experts provide perspectives on the role that CPOs and other procurement professionals play in crafting a holistic approach to their companies’ strategic initiatives. 

Insights from this exclusive white paper include: 

  • How procurement teams seek to maximize the business value of their operations at a time of increasingly complicated and dynamic global trading conditions.
  • In light of COVID-19 and other disruptions, procurement teams must ramp up supplier-enabled innovation programs in an effort to meet changing supply chain needs. 
  • Innovative and agile ways to foster better communication and collaboration with external partners and internal stakeholders.
  • How C2FO helped retail giant Costco become more agile in providing working capital solutions for its suppliers while increasing investment returns.

“The value that procurement can add to the business was evident during the COVID-19 outbreak, where companies of all sizes turned from margin focus to complete cash flow focus,” Novak said. “This meant being flexible, changing their outlook, adding some performance metrics and then elevating the role of procurement.” 

To learn more about procurement’s increasingly influential role in a changing economy, download the full white paper here

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