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See Ya, 2020—Bring on 2021: Tips on Turning the Page to a New Year

November 30, 2020
The C2FO Team

So, quick show of hands — who’s ready to be done with 2020? 

Okay, hands down! We get it — this year has been difficult for many reasons, some of them historic. Even the few businesses that actually saw new opportunities in the midst of the pandemic have faced extraordinary pressures in managing their working capital

The not-so-great news is that the uncertainty and turmoil of 2020 won’t just disappear with the turning of the calendar. Having an approach to business that’s flexible, innovative and resilient will definitely help as you navigate the next few months of COVID-19, a new American president and who knows what else? 

Below are some bits of advice from our Market Innovation team at C2FO, which specializes in crafting creative solutions for unexpected financial scenarios. 

Hopefully, these words give you some comfort as you welcome a new year and say goodbye (and good riddance) to 2020:  


“What got you here will definitely not get you there! Unleash your organization from the status quo. Rethink everything with a maniacal focus on flexibility and control.”


“Embrace uncertainty as it presents new opportunities to reinvent your brand and find business partners that will grow with you and embrace change as technology, people, and ideas evolve over the next few decades.”


“The only constant in the world is change. When thinking about your next integrated, transformative project, choose a provider that can be nimble and scalable as your company’s priorities change over time.”


“The concept of  ‘status quo’ is forever changed. As we live in a clearly dynamic world, complacency and thinking about ‘normal’ ways of doing things is no longer sufficient. Whether in your own personal or professional lives, proactive planning measures are a necessity to effectively navigate through future uncertainty. If you are thinking about these measures but deliberating on the current ‘need,’ chances are they are worth the investment in the long run.”


“Corporates that recognized their influence for positive change and took that opportunity to put advocacy into action were a beacon of light in 2020. Those that committed resources to equitable and sustainable global values will undoubtedly benefit through their brand’s legacy.”


“Think of the positive contribution each decision you make can bring, to your customers and the world at large. This is what everyone wants us to do, now more than ever.”

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