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Open Letter: “We Have not Solved the $16 Trillion Small Business Liquidity Trap”

April 7, 2020
The C2FO Team

On April 8, our open letter to governments and central banks appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and the Financial Times. In this letter, we propose creating low-cost funding specifically for the world’s largest businesses to accelerate payment to their small and mid-sized suppliers.

We invite you to read the full letter below, as well as our complete analysis and workable solution to the $16 trillion small business liquidity trap.

We at C2FO cannot manufacture masks, medical equipment or other PPE, but we stand ready to help immediately create early funding for small and mid-sized businesses, and the hundreds of millions of jobs they support, throughout this economic crisis.

Want to take control of your cash flow?

Early payment through C2FO can help.

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