Webinar: How Large Companies Build Resiliency in their Supply Chains

May 10, 2021

Listen to our webinar with leaders from Intel and Walmart about how they support their small and mid-sized (SMB) partners.

On May 5, C2FO sponsored the webinar, “Partner Impact: How Large Companies Build Resiliency in their Supply Chains.” 

Walmart and Intel were recently awarded the “Partner Impact” accolade by Treasury & Risk for its 2021 Alexander Hamilton Awards, which recognizes the impact of both organizations’ successful early payment programs for SMBs.

Treasury & Risk Editor-in-Chief Meg Waters joined Brandy Newhof, senior director of global treasury at Walmart, Antoine Hamelin, director of capital markets at Intel, Gero Zimmermann, treasury manager at Intel and Jordan Novak, SVP of market innovation at C2FO, to discuss the companies’ commitment to building a responsible, resilient and reliable supply chain. 

The webinar also explored how Walmart and Intel launched unique programs with C2FO to offer immediate funding to thousands of their SMB suppliers globally. 

If you missed the event, you can register to view it on-demand here

Key highlights include:

  1. Insights from Walmart and Intel about how they built and extended programs to support their smaller supply chain partners.
  2. How a dedicated early payment program is critical to every company’s survival — regardless of size — on both ends of the value chain. 
  3. How you can build supply chain ecosystems that foster collaboration, innovation and a win-win environment at your organization.

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