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C2FO’s Working Capital Solutions Give Businesses the Liquidity They Need in 2022

July 26, 2022
The C2FO Team
Learn how C2FO helps businesses around the world access working capital quickly and fairly.

In times like these, it’s essential for businesses to have a steady, reliable source of working capital. 

That’s why C2FO helps companies around the world to increase their liquidity with a portfolio of flexible, fairly priced solutions, so they can quickly adapt to higher prices and cash flow crises.

During the first half of 2022:

  • Businesses using C2FO’s platform received more than $36.7 billion in early payment on their invoices, up 65% compared with last year. 

  • More than 15.5 million invoices were accelerated for companies around the world. 

  • The average invoice on C2FO’s platform was paid 32.3 days faster than it normally would be. 

Take a closer look at C2FO’s impact with this performance report for 2022 so far. 

By the Numbers Some key statistics that illustrate the size and scope of the world’s largest platform for working capital Q2 2022  FOUNDED IN 2008  TOTAL EMPLOYEES 870+    5 GLOBAL OPERATING CENTERS United States, United Kingdom, India, Australia and China  CURRENCIES 42 Funding provided in 42 currencies and 14 languages, with the capacity to award in 84 currencies.  $221B in working capital funded since 2010.     CUSTOMER BASE  Over 1.83 million in-network businesses in 160+ countries.   99 of the Fortune 100 companies are in the C2FO network.   1,535 of the Forbes Global 2000 are in the C2FO network.     EMPOWERING ALL BUSINESSES TO THRIVE  $2.76B  in accelerated funding to diverse suppliers so far in 2022.  1,235  women- or minority-owned businesses funded in 2022.     LOADED AP / AR  41.6M+ approved invoices uploaded each day.  $988.5B Matched $988.5 billion of AR to $988.5B of AP during the first half of 2022.      What the bottom section should look like …   Will that work, and does it make sense?    C2FO IMPACT: Q2 2022  $19.3B in awarded funding, a 63% increase YOY  8.3M invoices accelerated in Q2  $675.8M Top funding date in Q2: $675.8M on June 23.     C2FO IMPACT: YTD 2022  $867 MILLION Top funding day YTD: $867M on March 25  $36.7 BILLION in funding  65%  increase in funding compared to the first half of 2021  $1.4 BILLION per week in awarded funding  2.6 MILLION invoices accelerated each month, on average  15.5+ MILLION invoices accelerated  32.3  DAYS Collection times reduced by an average of 32.3 days   5.58% Average global funding rate of 5.58%

Want to take control of your cash flow?

Early payment through C2FO can help.

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