Forged In Fire: Four Elements For A Company Culture That Thrives Under Pressure

September 10, 2021
Dru Shiner

What does your way of doing business have to do with a railroad spike? Both must be flexible, especially under intense heat. 

The “heat” of the past year has proven that even the most established companies must be ready to adapt, as C2FO Chief Sales Officer Dru Shiner points out in this Forbes Business Development Council article. 

To truly prepare for the unpredictable, Dru outlines four critical elements that companies should embed into their culture. 

“If you want to do something new with a tool that’s solid but inflexible, you have to throw it in the fire,” Dru writes. “Steel is only pliable when it’s near its breaking point. Without heat or pressure, a railroad spike — or a way of doing business — won’t change.” 

To read the article, click here.

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