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5 Industries with More Jobs Than People to Fill Them

September 16, 2021
The C2FO Team

The pandemic has intensified the problem of not having enough US workers to fill open positions. This video outlines five industries hit hardest by the labor shortage. 

The US economy is rebounding, but some American workers haven’t gotten the memo. 

It’s a problem that existed before the pandemic. Despite recent talk of labor shortages and speculation about workforce reaction to expiring federal unemployment benefits, unfilled jobs have persisted for years and will almost certainly continue long after COVID-19. 

According to reports, the number of trained or qualified US workers continues to lag behind open positions in several key industries. Additionally, many workers who lost their jobs due to the pandemic are now re-evaluating priorities, retiring or choosing not to return to their previous roles or industries. 

Even with more than 2 million US jobs added over the summer, these situations remain:

  • The construction and remodeling industries are reeling from short supplies of plumbers, electricians and carpenters, making projects slower and more costly to complete.  According to PeopleReady Skilled Trades, nearly 400,000 jobs were posted in May and June seeking skilled trades workers  — 50% more than pre-pandemic. 

  • The supply of nurses and doctors — traditionally four to 12 years in the making, post-graduate — cannot keep pace with new and known illnesses and aging Baby Boomer and Senior populations. 

  • The hospitality industry is struggling to return to adequate staffing levels. According to a recent episode of The Daily, a New York Times podcast, business owners who were forced to reduce staff by as much as 75% a year ago cannot re-hire fast enough — and then at inflated costs when they do. 

Worker shortages for the foreseeable future

While there will always be a need for routine, even compulsory services like accounting, legal or home maintenance, the following industries are experiencing an especially strong need for workers today — and likely will tomorrow:

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