Press Release

C2FO Founder and CEO Addresses Funding Crisis for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

23 April 2020

NOTE: C2FO Founder and CEO Alexander “Sandy” Kemper shared the following message to customers, partners and team members on April 8, the day our open letter to governments and central banks, “We Have not Solved the $16 Trillion Small Business Liquidity Trap,” appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and the Financial Times.


To our Friends, Customers, Partners and Team C2FO,

We built C2FO on our bedrock belief that every company in the world, especially the small and mid- sized companies of the world, should have the capital needed to grow their businesses. Our strategy was clear: eliminate or greatly reduce credit risk. Our tactics were equally simple and clear: match accounts payable and accounts receivable from the world’s companies on a platform that is low-cost and easy for all to access. Our results have been good.

On March 17, 2010, we launched C2FO with our first market. That week, we funded $34,000 in early payment to exactly one small business supplier. Ten years later, for the week of March 17, 2020, we funded just over $1.2 billion to 14,000 businesses worldwide. On that first market day in 2010, nine of us huddled around our laptops hoping that things would work. Now almost 500 of us around the world have built something we only imagined ten years ago. We are a small business success story and as long as we continue to do the right thing for our customers and for our company, we will continue to succeed.

It is exactly because we want to do the right thing that we have chosen this time to speak out for our customers and for all small businesses. The letter we published today in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and the Financial Times proposes a solution that we feel could solve a significant part of the crisis for tens of millions of businesses in need of capital around the world. It is a solution that can happen with C2FO or without C2FO. To read the full proposal on, simply click here.

Should the governments of the world act on our suggestion, we will help our large corporate customers move that emergency low-cost funding to their small and mid-sized business suppliers immediately and at no cost from us. For large companies that are not on the C2FO platform, we are ready to bring them on at no cost and in a matter of days, so they, too, can use our platform to accelerate payment to their suppliers in need. And, just as importantly, if large companies can do it without us, they absolutely should.

Whatever path is taken, the paramount goal is speed. Too much is at risk to wait another day.

All my best,