Press Release

C2FO partnership with White Oak diversifies funding options to U.S. businesses

12 April 2018

“C2FO is a network where any business can access the lowest cost and most convenient source of working capital in one place,” says C2FO Founder and CEO Sandy Kemper. “Our unique model is now more disruptive with the addition of White Oak, our first institutional funding partner.”

C2FO partners with White Oak, leading global alternative asset manager, to diversify working capital funding options to U.S. businesses. White Oak will act as a primary source of capital to help fund businesses when early payment is not available from out-of-network customers. In addition, in-network companies will now be able to choose between using their own cash and/or third-party cash to fund early payment to their suppliers.

“We are excited to partner with [C2FO]. Through this joint opportunity, more businesses will have access to additional working capital financing options, while investors will be provided with attractive risk-adjusted returns,” said White Oak CEO, Andre Hakkak.

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