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C2FO to Provide Support to Enterprises During Short-Term Instabilities in the Global Supply Chain Finance Industry

03 March 2021

Waives System Set-up Fees Temporarily to Minimize Disruptions

Kansas City, USA (March 3, 2021) — C2FO, the largest global platform for working capital, today announced that it is prepared to offer its secure online platform and diverse multinational funding network to help enterprises manage the unexpected events occurring across the supply chain finance industry currently. The announcement comes after a large supply chain finance company experienced funding difficulty that impacted markets and companies across Europe, North America and parts of Asia.

“At C2FO, we are making available our advanced platform and its payment solutions for companies currently facing the challenge of how they’re going to keep their critical suppliers funded. We are prepared to step in and partner with businesses currently facing uncertainty to help ensure supply chains are not impacted,” said Dru Shiner, Chief Sales Officer at C2FO. “We provide continuity of funding to all suppliers and C2FO is ready to partner with every organization needing to quickly and efficiently shift platforms to bring stability to their global supply chains.”

C2FO’s flexible working capital solutions allow enterprises to facilitate early payment programs through their own balance sheet or leverage a diverse multinational funding network that includes some of the world’s top banks in trade and supply chain finance, with over $100 billion in capital in these specific business areas.

C2FO will waive system set-up fees associated with switching to its platform in an effort to minimize disruptions among these impacted companies, with implementation of a program taking as little as four weeks. The C2FO platform uses a single login that provides visibility across a company’s entire supply chain. This provides a seamless implementation with one-click digital onboarding, which allows scalability to any supplier — large or small — and ensures liquidity with the backing of major multinational banks.

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