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Fintech Magazine Feature: C2FO Supplier Satisfaction through Digital Disruption

30 December 2019

“With any true disruption, the most impactful are those that are the simplest,” says Iain Rolfe, Managing Director, Australia, and New Zealand at C2FO. Rolfe is referencing the considerable success of C2FO, an innovative business that turns receivables into cash flow through an online platform that offers customers the opportunity to take total control of their capital, improve cash flow on demand and earn no-risk returns.

“In the most basic terms, we match accounts receivable to accounts payable, presenting to market a win-win proposition for businesses that have money owed to them, and those who invest in their supply chain,” says Rolfe. To facilitate this, C2FO operates a cloud-based marketplace where suppliers can name a discount rate on selected invoices in exchange for their early payment. Read the complete article here.