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Podcast: C2FO Founder Sandy Kemper Chats with “Dollars & Sense”

02 February 2021

Sandy Kemper, Founder and CEO of C2FO, recently sat down for an interview on Dollars & Sense, a podcast hosted by Kansas City entrepreneur Donald Hawkins.

During the 30-minute conversation, Kemper and Hawkins discussed a range of subjects, including C2FO’s focus on addressing systematic racism and other problems in the financial system, and the importance of a quality education.

Kemper noted that, because C2FO provides a de-risked way of gaining working capital, women- and minority-owned businesses use the C2FO platform at 1.5 to 1.6 times the use rate of other businesses.

“It makes me really proud to think that we built something that is fixing a systemically flawed system,” he said in the Jan. 29 interview. 

Hawkins is Co-founder and CEO of First Boulevard — formerly known as Tenth Bank — which is a Kansas City-based digital bank serving Black Americans. He is also founder and CEO of Griffin Technologies and a co-leader for entrepreneurial resource KC Collective. Hawkins’ podcast explores the concept of money and the relationship it has in our lives, featuring a wide range of perspectives from entrepreneurs, influencers and everyday people.