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C2FO joins InReturn Strategies in partnership to drive bottom-line benefits

09 November 2015

CMarketplace matches disabled workforce and companies seeking to hire  

November 9, 2015, Kansas City, Mo — C2FO, the world’s market for working capital®, today announced a partnership with InReturn Strategies, a web-based solution for mainstreaming the untapped value of the disabled community into the private sector.

InReturn Strategies’ online marketplace is the first business-driven solution to provide companies with an easy and profitable means to integrate people with disabilities within existing operations. Its proprietary technology intelligently matches corporate needs with an available but typically untapped workforce, enabling companies to realize the full potential of the unique skills and value offered by people with disabilities.

“Hiring from the talent pool of those who happen to have disabilities is a proven business case,” said Jim Atwater, founder and CEO of InReturn Strategies. “Research indicates that hiring people with disabilities enhances retention, profitability and morale.  Disabled employees have lower turnover and absentee rates than nondisabled employees, and are often the highest performing employees in a company. Additionally, many companies receive tax benefits from hiring disabled workers, but there hasn’t been an easy, efficient way to do it before now,” said Atwater.

Due to friction in traditional hiring practices, disabled workers often experience unique challenges in gaining access to true career opportunities. Even companies targeting people with disabilities struggle with inefficiency in the process, as each disability is generally served by its own support organization. For example, blindness, autism and Down syndrome affect families across every community, so to hire for skillsets across numerous disabilities requires working with numerous not-for-profits. That’s where InReturn Strategies comes in. InReturn Strategies works to bring the disparate service providers together on one platform, where employers can readily find a diverse hiring pool.

“C2FO is the world’s largest market for working capital and Jim is building what we think could be one of the world’s most important markets for human capital,” said Sandy Kemper, Chairman and CEO of C2FO. “We are proud to be an early adopter of a program that will be a game-changer for the disabled populations and the companies who seek to hire among them,” added Kemper.

C2FO will begin hiring through the InReturn Strategies platform in 2015. Other Kansas City-area early adopters include Commerce Bank and the Kansas City Public Library.

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