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Why the Kansas City area is ideal for C2FO HQ

25 September 2015

As C2FO expands its global reach with offices around the world, some may question why the company is headquartered in a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri. To those in the know, it makes perfect sense. There’s a reason we’ve been able to attract world-class talent from major companies like, Groupon,, TripAdvisor and more.

A recent report from KC Sourcelink spells it out: Kansas City is on its way to becoming one of America’s most entrepreneurial cities. Successful startups are a vital part of the area’s business community and they encompass a wide variety of industries from health to technology to financial services

Startland News highlighted five takeaways from the report that help show why the Kansas City area is ideal for entrepreneurs, including:

1. An area microloan program that is benefitting women and minorities.

2. STEM job growth above the national average.

3. A significant increase in equity investments.

4. Notable amounts of preseed through Series B funding for area entrepreneurs, particularly in Kansas, where C2FO is located.

5. More than two dozen startups in the area raised funding rounds in 2013 and added another round in 2014.

Kevin Daniels, C2FO Chief Product Officer, saw the area’s impressive startup culture firsthand when he attended Techweek’s first Kansas City event last week. He noted the breadth of innovation showcased saying, “There was a huge variety of truly innovative and exciting ideas that spanned the gamut of hardware to software, from consumer to enterprise. There were startups targeting Fantasy Football players to retirement planning. From ‘smart pavement’ to drone-mapping capabilities. Data collection devices for urban analytics to virtual reality for real estate and architecture.”

He went on to observe, “These startups have hugely ambitious problems they are trying to tackle, and Kansas City is increasingly providing a vibrant tech ecosystem where they can succeed.”

Entrepreneur magazine listed Kansas City among its 9 Hottest Startup Cities That Aren’t San Francisco or New York, citing specialty foods and beverages as an appealing bonus to living here. It’s worth noting that the median home price in the Kansas City metro area ($153,000) is the lowest of any of the cities on the list.

Kansas City is also known for great barbecuebeer and coffee. Not to mention an impressive baseball team.

C2FO employees and their families already know how much the Kansas City area has to offer. Stop by and visit our headquarters and new community collaborative space and we’ll show you around!

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