Press Release

C2FO and Tradeshift partnership expands dynamic early payment marketplace

30 June 2015

We are pleased to announce our new global partnership with supplier collaboration platform Tradeshift. The combined C2FO and Tradeshift solution will help buyers increase EBIT and improve their supply chain financial health, streamline buyer and supplier interactions, and make affordable working capital even more accessible for suppliers.

Current Tradeshift buyers now have the option to use the C2FO dynamic discounting app to pay suppliers early. C2FO and Tradeshift teams will also work together to offer more holistic supplier collaboration solutions.

The benefits of the partnership:

  • Higher participation from suppliers as they can now manage working capital from the same place they already manage invoices, collaborate with their customers, and view invoice and payment status information.
  • Tradeshift’s task list provides a one-click process for suppliers to “get paid faster” while working with invoices.
  • Invoices are approved faster, resulting in more efficient working capital management.


“Supplier choice is a beautiful thing when it comes to driving affordable finance,” says Scott Pezza, Principal Analyst with Blue Hill Research. “With this newly-announced partnership, I am excited for the potential to bring supplier-friendly early payment options to a broader array of deserving suppliers. Helping offer alternatives to the near-extortionate fees of short-term lenders helps not only the SMB supplier but their entire ecosystem as well.”

“We anticipate that suppliers will love the ease of use related to the combined C2FO and Tradeshift experience,” says Kevin Daniels, Chief Product Officer at C2FO. “Tradeshift automation will ensure that invoices get into the system more quickly, which will make them eligible for early payment sooner.”

To learn more, see the press release, “Tradeshift and C2FO Partner to Liberate Trillions in Working Capital.”