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C2FO’s Supplier Support NPS Rises To 78

12 March 2015

Suppliers participating in the market praise support team

March 12, 2015— C2FO, the world’s market for working capital®, announced today that its supplier support Net Promoter Score (NPS) for the fourth quarter of 2014 rose to 78, a substantial increase over the prior quarter. NPS is a customer loyalty metric based on the likelihood that a client would recommend a company’s product or services. According to experts, an NPS of 50 or more is considered a ‘world-class’ rating. C2FO’s score speaks to the exceptional level of support and service they offer all market participants.

The C2FO supplier support team assists and educates suppliers on how to optimize their company’s working capital position by utilizing the C2FO working capital market. As a result of this high level of service and product ease of use, the average supplier participates with 97 percent of their invoices and participates over 80 times per year. Ninety-five percent of participants consider the C2FO market an ongoing source of liquidity for their cash flow needs.

“As C2FO continues to grow, we remain focused on providing every single participant with world-class support,” said Sanjay Gupta, Chief Marketing Officer at C2FO. “We take pride in having a great team that can support suppliers on how best to participate in the market and efficiently achieve their cash flow goals.”

In addition to the supplier support NPS of 78, C2FO received an overall NPS of 61 which is also a world-class rating. The combination of these scores, along with a supplier recommendation rate of over 91 percent, demonstrates C2FO’s ability to deliver an innovative product and back it up with a world-class support team.

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About C2FO®:
C2FO is the world’s market for working capital® and risk-free profit. C2FO is the largest working capital exchange in the world and enables companies to optimize their working capital positions in a live marketplace. Companies across the globe use C2FO to increase their operating income while simultaneously producing vital working capital flows to their supply chain. C2FO is Collaborative Cash Flow Optimization.

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