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The C2FO Market Records First Billion Dollar Quarter

06 January 2014

$1,151,722,392 in working capital flows in Q4 2013

January 6, 2014, Kansas City, Mo. – C2FO, the world’s market for working capital, has reported that its Q4 working capital flows from member companies around the globe have increased from $734mm in Q4 2012 to $1,152mm in Q4 2013. Linked quarter growth was strong as well, increasing from $855mm in Q3.

“Our compound quarterly growth rate since our first quarter of operation in Q3 2010 now stands at 43% and our 2013 quarterly growth rates surpassed those achieved in 2012,” said Sandy Kemper, C2FO founder and CEO. “The C2FO Market accelerated payment of over $3.3 billion of invoices for our member companies in the past year, increasing productivity and profitability for our market members even as the global financial system became more constrained,” added Kemper.

The increase in working capital flows was driven by a 146% increase in market member growth during 2013. The C2FO Market now has over 221,000 companies as market members.

“The most recent C2FO Market Net Promoter Score of 55, combined with our 91 percent customer recommendation rate has directly contributed to this growth,” added Peter Novosel, C2FO executive vice president.

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