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The C2FO Market Net Promoter Score Rises to 55

29 October 2013

The World’s Market for Working CapitalTM enjoys bump in key loyalty metric along with overall supplier recommendation rate of 90 percent

October 29, 2013 Kansas City, Mo. – C2FO, the world’s market for working capital, has announced its Net Promoter Score (NPS) has risen to 55, a three-point increase over last quarter.

NPS is a customer loyalty metric based on the likelihood of a client to recommend a company’s product or services. An NPS of 50+ is considered ‘world class’ among experts. The C2FO score of 55, combined with an overall supplier recommendation rate of 90%, shows the value of the market-based approach to working capital.

“We celebrate the increase of our NPS as another indication that our market will continue to expand at a rapid rate, due to the positive experience of our member companies,” said Peter Novosel, C2FO executive vice president. “These numbers reflect the strength of our company’s culture, which is to focus on success for both sides of the market transaction: buyers and suppliers,” said Novosel.

The rise in NPS score can be attributed to the flexible, easy-to-use nature of the C2FO system. In the C2FO Market, companies are able to participate when they choose, with no commitments or obligations. In addition, they save money by setting early payment rates below their cost of borrowing. Suppliers also cited the advantage of not having to make any changes to their accounts receivable process, along with the absence of paperwork and contracts, as reasons they would recommend C2FO.

C2FO is currently exhibiting at the 2013 Association of Financial Professionals (AFP) annual conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. The conference is being held at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center through October 30, 2013. At AFP, C2FO will showcase The C2FO Market CashboardTM to demonstrate the ease and benefits of improving working capital efficiency. C2FO can be found at booth 264.

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