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C2FO Announces the New CashFlow+ Card

June 27, 2022
The C2FO Team

Crowdfund Insider and other media outlets reported on the new C2FO CashFlow+ Card

C2FO announced the launch of the new C2FO CashFlow+ Card, a new and innovative option that enables businesses to accelerate invoice payment without the discount typically required in exchange for early payment. This card puts critical working capital straight into the wallets of business owners, empowering them to put cash to work for their business faster than ever. 

“Our work has always centered on getting businesses working capital faster and more cost-effectively to help them thrive. Given the impact that stubbornly high costs are having on margins, we believe that our CashFlow+ Card is well-timed and will be especially impactful for businesses for which timely cash management is critical,” said Karan Sarin, senior vice president and GM of Card Products at C2FO. “At the end of the day, we want businesses not to choose between paying their bills versus growing in the marketplace.” 

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