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C2FO Introduces the CashFlow+ Card

August 4, 2022
The C2FO Team and several other media outlets reported on the new C2FO CashFlow+ Card that helps businesses protect their margins and control cash flow.

The new C2FO CashFlow+ Card puts critical working capital straight into the wallets of business owners, empowering them to put cash to work for their business faster than ever.

This excerpt is from a June 14 article from

FinTech C2FO on Tuesday (June 14) launched the C2FO CashFlow+ Card, allowing businesses to expedite their invoice payments without the traditional discount for early payments, according to the company press release.

CashFlow+ Card customers can select invoices they want paid early, then have the full balance of each approved invoice transferred to their cards, which can be used anywhere Visa cards are accepted,

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