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Why Leading Companies Love Working with C2FO

Multinational corporations describe how working capital solutions from C2FO have helped them, their suppliers and their customers.
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We implemented within 10 weeks, achieving an ROI within the first 30 days, and have rolled the programme out to 133 different countries, in multiple currencies within the first few weeks. In addition to a strong contribution to EBITDA, we have also successfully navigated our working capital KPIs.

— Alexander Visser,  CFO Global Procurement, Philips

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With C2FO, we provide our suppliers a platform to accelerate invoices: they reduce their cost of finance and we improve our margin and cash yield. At the same time, we have also developed an innovative offer for selected customers: the opportunity for dynamic invoice extension.

— Jan-Martin Nufer,  Vice President of Treasury and Funding, Borealis AG

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As we implemented the platform, we were very impressed and surprised by how easy it was to use and to onboard suppliers. The work the C2FO team was doing to optimise the benefit of using the platform was very compelling.

— Christian Bauwens,  SVP, Global Treasurer, Flex

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You typically have cash within the business at any time and therefore it’s really efficient for us to be able to use that cash by helping our suppliers by paying them early, which in turn helps their funding cost and it’s typically cheaper than they can fund themselves through other means.

— Graeme Barnes,  Director of Capital Markets, Travis Perkins

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Like a lot of technology solutions that we see today, it’s completely cloud-based. You log into a web portal and you sign up for the service once you’re on the platform. It’s pretty simple to see what invoices you have available within the platform that give you the ability to get your cash sooner, if you so choose.

— John Upperman,  Vice President of Procurement, Thermo Fisher Scientific

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