The C2FO Sustainability Program

C2FO supports the sustainability goals of our customers and a better future.

In recent years, measuring business practices based on environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors has become a focal point for companies and their stakeholders. 

As a leader in your industry, you understand that a commitment to sustainable business standards is imperative for your company’s success. 

One of our greatest opportunities for impact is through the C2FO Sustainability MarketplaceSM, an early payment program that includes preferential rates to help our customers integrate ESG considerations across their supply chains. 

Prioritizing access to low-cost working capital for responsible and forward-thinking businesses ensures you can create a cascade of sustainable practices that flows smoothly throughout your supply chain. 

Our white paper report walks you through the C2FO Sustainability Program and how we can work together to solidify your company’s commitment to ESG best practices. 

This report covers: 

  • The cost, profits and benefits of sustainability

  • Providing prioritized, low-cost and green working capital solutions to suppliers and their customers, and influencing your entire supply chain.

  • Standardizing, defining and documenting supplier compliance classification with C2FO’s designation solution.

  • Delivering seamless access to multiple sources of green funding using our network of banking partners, who are committed to supporting C2FO and our customers’ ESG initiatives.

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Pillars of the C2FO Sustainabilty Program

As a partner in your pursuit of sustainable business success, C2FO offers the Sustainability MarketplaceSM, which is part of a three-pronged initiative to integrate ESG performance criteria into working capital finance programs, allowing global buyers to provide tangible benefits to sustainable suppliers.

C2FO Certified
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A seamless certification system that helps you streamline your process of identifying sustainable suppliers.
The Sustainability MarketplaceSMSustainable Supplier Community

More than half of Fortune 500 companies partner with C2FO

Put advocacy into action. Download the full white paper on sustainability to learn more.