Enterprise Case Study Testimonial

Trust, Availability and Fluidity Make C2FO a Key Business Ally

13 April 2022
The C2FO Team

Why choose C2FO when there are so many other solutions available in the marketplace? Because its platform is backed by a skilled, knowledgeable team.

"Every day I’m bombarded with emails offering cash optimisation, flow management and factoring solutions," said Bruno Lecerf, the finance and treasury director at Air France. 

But C2FO distinguished itself by putting “people in front of me who understood our business and our problems,” Lecerf said. “They talked to me about cash flows before they tried to sell me their software!”

Jean-Charles Cassé, corporate purchasing and marketing director at Air France, agreed. 

“In fact, it is as much the solution, which is flexible, efficient and relatively simple to implement, as the human qualities of the C2FO team” that are the strength behind this service, Cassé said.

Air France’s suppliers also appreciate C2FO’s exceptional customer service. 

“Camille, the first person who contacted me, was very attentive, available and proactive,” said Frédéric Sauvé, director of performance management at Amarante International, a security provider for Air France. “It was very good, and I also asked her to find out if any of our other large account customers might be interested in this solution, because I would be very interested in making it more widespread.”

That’s the advantage of using C2FO. It’s a simple, efficient solution suitable for managing large accounts and massive supplier networks, while fluidly integrating the unique issues for each customer.

Working Capital. Working for Everyone.

C2FO provides working capital solutions for you, your suppliers and your customers.

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