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Atelier du Bois 02 Takes Growth to the Next Level

The C2FO Team

A French company takes control of its cash flow through the C2FO platform. 

Dominique Zannettini formed his woodworking company, Atelier du Bois 02, in 1995 with the ambitious goal of transforming the timber industry.

Banks, however, were not interested in funding his business. 

“Back then, I was looking to expand into timber-frame houses. The banks weren’t on board. They said if I wanted to build wooden houses, I should move to Canada,” he recalled.

Based in Épieds, France, Atelier du Bois 02 persevered through Zannettini’s hard work and knack for taking on projects that would produce strong profits. 

A few years ago, however, the company ran into cash flow problems. Once again, the banks were of no help. That’s when Zannettini began accelerating some of his invoices for customers like Mondelez International through the C2FO platform, receiving payment in four to five days, instead of waiting 30 days or longer.  

Now, Atelier du Bois 02 has working capital whenever it needs it. Zannettini has been able to buy equipment, add staff, take on more customers and build a new facility in Chateau Thierry. 

No long ago, Zannettini would show up at a worksite with four tools and few other odds and ends. Now, he arrives with a fleet of trucks and an army of workers.

“Having support from C2FO has freed me up to invest, take my business to the next level and thrive,” he said. “If it hadn’t been for C2FO, I think I would have quit, because I really had no support.” 

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