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The C2FO Team

CueScript brings in the cash flow it needs for R&D using early payments through C2FO.

The pioneer of IP-based teleprompting solutions, CueScript is modernising the teleprompter industry with systems built to support both legacy and modern standards.

By building solutions that work with both new and legacy technology, CueScript helps companies future-proof their investments.

This forward-thinking approach provides incredible flexibility for its customers but presents several challenges for the company.

The challenge

Continually researching and developing new products to keep up with changing technology requires strong cash flow.

As a relatively young company, getting the working capital needed to improve cash flow isn’t always simple.

“We know when money is coming in so we can budget, manage cash flow, and order from suppliers. Better cash flow is helping us massively with R&D.”

-Joanne Pizzoferro, Group Accountant for CueScript

The solution

CueScript uses C2FO to take control of its cash flow by requesting early invoice payments from its customers when needed.

Having on-demand access to working capital helps CueScript know when money is coming in so it can budget, manage cash flow, and place orders to suppliers.

As a result, CueScript is now able to fund its R&D efforts to keep up with changes in technology.

You can learn more about CueScript here:

Want to take control of your cash flow?

Early payment through C2FO can help.

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