Enterprise Case Study Testimonial

Jacobs Douwe Egberts

The C2FO Team

Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE) uses C2FO to fund R&D and drive growth.

JDE is the second largest coffee company in the UK, producing well-known brands like Kenco, Tassimo, and Douwe Egberts.

With the motto “Coffee for every cup,” JDE’s goal is to provide every consumer with a coffee they love.

The challenge

Coffee is a popular product that is growing rapidly as a category, and JDE plans to grow alongside it by creating new products and expanding market share.

For Dave Jones, JDE’s finance director to the UK and Ireland, strong cash flow is a critical part of his growth strategy.

“Cash is right at the top of our priority list. It’s key for us in terms of how we can invest behind our brands, and it’s key for the business globally.”

Dave Jones, Finance Director for JDE

Espresso machine producing shot of great JDE espresso

The solution

Dave learned about C2FO from Amazon and instantly saw the potential to have more control over his cash flow.

C2FO gives his team visibility into the accounts receivable available for early payment and allows them to have invoices paid early on an as-needed basis.

Once they make a request for early payment, they know the money will be in the bank within a few days.

Dave prefers C2FO over more traditional financing options because it is simple, fast, and he is in control of the rate he offers for early payment.

“We’ve looked at supply chain financing and we do some supply chain financing. It tends to be more complicated, more paperwork, more people need to get involved. The benefit of C2FO is simple, it’s flexible, and it’s helping us meet our cash needs.”

With low-cost cash flow available on-demand, Dave can focus more of his time deploying that capital to grow the business.

Working Capital. Working for Everyone.

C2FO provides working capital solutions for you, your suppliers and your customers.

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