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Former Garanti BBVA CEO Ali Fuat Erbil Joins C2FO Global Advisory Board

22 October 2020

Kansas City, USA (October 22, 2020) – The former CEO of Garanti BBVA, Ali Fuat Erbil, has joined the Global Advisory Board of C2FO, the world’s largest market for working capital. The Turkish banking leader will play an active role in the development of C2FO’s presence in emerging economies, in particular Turkey.

“The vast experience of Fuat Erbil in digital transformation and commercial banking will not only help us to better understand Turkey and the emerging markets, but will also enable our organization to become more agile as we expand globally,” said Alexander “Sandy” Kemper, founder and CEO of C2FO.

Colin Sharp, C2FO senior vice president for the EMEA region, added: “Turkey, with large-scale corporates and a wealth of suppliers serving the European, Middle East and Asian markets, is among the countries to get the most benefit out of C2FO’s value proposition. We are very excited to welcome Mr. Erbil to strengthen our successful growth in this region.”

Fuat Erbil said he looks forward to his new role on C2FO’s Global Advisory Board.

“C2FO is supporting the cash flow of corporates with smartly designed technology and powerful digital infrastructure,” he said. “While doing so, it also brings a new vision for the future of the financial industry by gathering business partners in one platform for different financial needs. The introduction of such digital platforms into the business models of our large-scale corporates and financial institutions will help provide a more effective resource-transfer mechanism and much faster flow of capital into the capillaries of the economy. I am very pleased to contribute to the mission of C2FO: ‘To deliver a future where every company in the world has the capital they need to grow.’”

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