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C2FO’s secure online platform enables Aussie companies to work with their suppliers and customers to improve cash flow by determining the best time and terms for paying or getting paid.

Convenient, cost-effective access to the working capital you need to thrive


Improve your cash flow with early payments from your customers.


Strengthen your balance sheet and strengthen your supply chain.

A Better and Fairer Way of Supporting Australian Businesses

In recent weeks, you may have seen the supply chain finance industry in the news. During these times, we think it’s important to bring attention to the key principles upon which C2FO was founded and that continue to be our guideposts.

As a leading working capital resource for companies in Australia and throughout the world, we know that giving suppliers the opportunity to participate in responsibly implemented early payment programmes can grow businesses in ways that traditional financial institutions fundamentally cannot deliver. Our platform was developed to bring transparency and integrity in our industry for businesses of all sizes, and there are two key ways we make that happen.

First, stable and reliable cash flow is essential for businesses at all stages in their growth. Particularly small businesses that often have limited options or struggle to obtain the working capital they need. The C2FO platform delivers a voluntary early payment programme where suppliers have the choice of how and when to utilise early payments — at rates they determine — when they need capital. We remain focused on enabling corporates to work with their suppliers and customers to improve cash flow by determining the best time for paying or getting paid.

Secondly, C2FO is not a bank, licensed lending institution, nor a broker. Suppliers have access to transparent and low-cost working capital through a corporate’s early payment programme with C2FO, which is facilitated by the corporate’s balance sheet or by leveraging a diverse, multinational funding network that includes some of the world’s top banks in trade, with over $100 billion in capital.

At C2FO, we are committed to making a fundamental, positive difference in the way business is conducted in Australia, and we are delivering this change through a thoughtful and ethical approach that helps all companies thrive. C2FO is bringing that commitment to life for Australian suppliers now in the same way we are already helping over a million suppliers in hundreds of countries across the globe.

 Together with each of our clients, we're bringing fairness, transparency, and above all, opportunity to the world's growing businesses.

The benefit of C2FO is simple, it’s flexible, and it’s helping us meet our cash needs.

— Dave Jones,  Finance Director for JDE

A global network trusted by over one million businesses, including the world’s largest enterprises:

We are 100% committed to ensuring that working capital works for you … and for everyone.

On any given day, vendors from around the world have $43 trillion tied up in accounts receivable. They wait an average of 60 days to be paid and have limited, inefficient financing options. Meanwhile, enterprises are maintaining record levels of cash on their balance sheets — cash that just sits there, earning record low returns. C2FO is using technology to build a brighter future where enterprise cash works harder — for the enterprises, its vendors, and the world’s economy.
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