Financial Strength for Australian Suppliers and Customers

The C2FO platform is delivering a future where every company in the world has the capital needed to grow. Strengthen your suppliers’ and customers’ financial health by joining a world-class global network of more than one million companies, all working together to deliver more working capital.

Flexibility, Speed and Control

Six case studies with C2FO solutions

Unleashing Liquidity for Suppliers — Fast

A major manufacturing company with over $140 billion in revenue and thousands of eligible suppliers needs funding to quickly reboot production after a temporary shutdown. The company has no supply ...

Adding to Current Financing Solutions

A U.S. retailer with more than $130 billion in revenue and over 7,000 eligible suppliers wants to leverage its existing early payment programme, with additional solutions from C2FO. A subset of the retailer’s suppliers ...

Replacing a Legacy SCF Programme

After breaking away from its parent company, a healthcare enterprise with $20 billion in revenue inherits an SCF programme that doesn’t allow funding for multinational businesses in its supply chain …

Flexibility and Control with Dynamic Customer Finance

An 8 billion euro chemical and plastics company in Europe wants to leverage its solid cash position by offering customers the option of paying later in return for a premium. The company, which already …

Mitigating Risk with Dynamic Customer Finance

A $22 billion IT and consulting company based in India wants to eliminate risk on $10 million in receivables. This investment grade, multinational company uses early payment programmes through C2FO

Innovating a Solution for Suppliers

A $22 billion technology company based in Europe wants to launch an innovative finance programme to engage its more than 40,000 suppliers worldwide. The company’s existing SCF programme has …

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C2FO offers a wide range of funding solutions, all on a single, easy-to-use platform.


C2FO’s platform enables your suppliers to accelerate invoices in real-time when they choose. Early payment is available at any point throughout the entire payment term — on-demand when your suppliers need it. Unlike supply chain finance solutions, C2FO’s comprehensive network enables all of your suppliers to access accelerated cash flow. With C2FO’s platform, supplier segmentation is automated, allowing you the flexibility to provide preferred access and incentives to minority- and women-owned suppliers, as well as suppliers that are small to mid-sized businesses (SMEs). Whether you are utilising your own balance sheet or a partner in C2FO’s funding network, your suppliers have the capital they need to grow, whether they are SMEs or large corporations.


With C2FO, your company can dynamically adjust the timeline of outstanding receivables, on-demand. You decide when to offer which solution – and at what price. Whether your company is focused on improving cash flow, mitigating customer risk or managing key metrics, C2FO’s platform provides comprehensive receivables acceleration through various funding options, including early payment by your customers. C2FO also enables you to generate income by allowing customers to pay you later, in exchange for a premium. This dynamic model gives you full control over which invoices are included, their funding methods, and at what price. By offering innovative financing solutions, C2FO enables you to achieve your targets while strengthening your customer relationships.


Dynamic Terms combine a world-class early payment program with third-party financing capabilities, enabling your suppliers to be paid early on-demand — with no cash flow impact on your business.


Invoice Central delivers seamless visibility across all of your accounts payable and accounts receivable, giving your suppliers one place to review outstanding receivables and take action when needed. Your suppliers will have a clear understanding of where their invoices are in the approval process and you will have a greater ability to analyse and benchmark the data of your AP and AR through the C2FO platform.

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Working capital, working for you.




Working capital, working for you.

  • Single log-in to one platform
  • Supplier registration within minutes to get started on accelerating invoices
  • Visibility across your company’s entire supply chain
  • Easy-to-use Invoice Central requires only two clicks to cash flow
  • Worldwide supplier care team provides outstanding service in multiple languages and time zones
  • Activation of your programme takes as little as four weeks
  • An average of 6,000 supplier participants per client, compared to just hundreds in most SCF programmes
  • Simple, secure, nightly CSV file exchange