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What is C2FO?

February 10, 2021
The C2FO Team

C2FO stands for “Collaborative Cash Flow Optimization.” But that only explains part of our role as the world’s largest online platform for working capital.

With C2FO, your company can optimize working capital from a single, secure platform. You can work directly with your suppliers and customers to gain on-demand capital access, more flexible capital solutions, and dynamic pricing options that are especially beneficial to all the businesses in your supply chain.

With the C2FO platform, we’ve built 1.9 million network connections and match accounts receivable with accounts payable among more than 1.1 million businesses around the globe. Today, more than half of Fortune 500 companies partner with C2FO. Unlike traditional sources of financing, we offer a technology-powered solution that’s always available to all businesses that want greater control over their financial destiny.

Simply put, C2FO puts control of working capital where it belongs: in your hands. Whether you’re looking to accelerate or extend receivables or payables, or both, we have a solution that works for you — keeping your business and your supply chain healthy and productive. Companies that use the C2FO platform also have the option of providing early payment from their balance sheets or through a third party in C2FO’s worldwide funding network.

In fact, more than 200 of the world’s largest companies use C2FO’s early payment program, as well as hundreds of thousands of their vendors across 183 countries. 

How does it work?

C2FO is a group of professionals who are passionately dedicated to one all-consuming goal: making working capital work harder for you. 

Our team helps you monitor and analyze your receivables and payables so that you’re always in a position to maximize your working capital. Our dedicated team of supplier relationship managers will work to onboard your suppliers and run your company’s program on the C2FO platform to ensure optimal supplier adoption.  

As suppliers suggest a discounted rate for early payment, C2FO’s innovative technology connects those discount offers with the desired target yield of their customers. Because of this real-time price valuation, discount rates at different thresholds, timetables and invoice sizes can be approved for early payment. Contrary to other early payment solutions that only offer static, non-negotiable pricing, the C2FO platform provides the most control and flexibility, as well as the best user experience possible at all times. 

Our platform is always on, ready to provide funding to fuel growth in your supply chain, meet seasonal demand, or control financial metrics during key reporting periods — all without increasing debt. 

Working capital for all

The name C2FO is short for “Collaborative Cash Flow Optimization.”

That explains what we do, but not everything we stand for. C2FO is working to deliver a future where every company in the world has the capital needed to grow.

We believe working capital should benefit everyone, so we’re not afraid to challenge the status quo or question established protocols to discover what’s better. Always curious, never complacent, we continue to enhance our platform and strengthen the support behind it to ensure that every company in our network — and those that join in the future — will never stop improving. 

Want to learn more about our working capital solutions? Visit https://www.c2fo.com/amer/us/en-us/for-enterprises.



Working Capital. Working for Everyone.

C2FO provides working capital solutions for you, your suppliers and your customers.

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